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            Investment & Development

            The business of shipbuilding and trade, run by Hong Guang Investment Limted which is a subsidiary of Wideshine Group, mainly covers the research & development, building, and trade of special ships especially LPG carriers and Asphalt carriers.

            Till now we have spearheaded many R&D projects with well-known domestic builders and ship design institutes, and also have maintained a trustworthy and long-term partnership with reputable worldwide companies and enterprises of Japan, UK, Singapore, and etc.

            Currently, the main types of vessel we research and develop include 3700 m³LPG carrier, 5000 m³ LPG carrier, 6000 dwt Asphalt carrier and 9800 dwt Asphalt carrier. With the increase of our manufacturing capacity, we will continuously develop more types of special ships to meet the specific demand of our Group and our valuable customers.

            To enhance our competitive power in the international shipping market, we have always placed human resource as our first priority and we have continuously recruit elites and technical experts to strengthen our workforce. All of our efforts are designed to create an excellent team which is competent of vessel R&D, construction, supervision, and above all strive to turn our grand blueprint with integrants of R&D, building, and trade of special ships into reality.

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