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            The Successful Launching of 3700m³LPG Carrier -M/V “Hong Yue”
            On 12:48, 15 March 2008, 3700 m³LPG Carrier “Hong Yue” was launched successfully at Jiangbei Shipyard.
             “Hong Yue” was a new-typed vessel corporately designed and developed by Wideshine and Changjiang Ship Design Institute. The Vessel has a LOA of 99.80 m, a moulded Breadth of 14.80 m, and a total cargo capacity of 3700 m³. She was the largest LPG carrier as yet in domestic China which broke the capacity record among domestic LPG vessels. The Vessel was estimated to be delivered at the end of May and would be engaged in LPG transportation in China coastal sea area.
            Thereafter this successful event, the second sister-ship “Hong Sui” would be launched on May and Wideshine’s total capacity for LPG transportation would reach to 19,000 m³ and rank next to Dalian Cosco.
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