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            Technical Design Review Meeting of the 5000m³Fully Pressurized LPG Tanker
            On the 21st April 2008, Wideshine Group held the Technical Design Review Meeting of the 5000m³ Fully Pressurized LPG Tanker at Baiyun Mountain, Guangzhou. Group president Mr.Liu Ji Chun and senior management of Group’s Shipbuilding & Trade Business and Shipping & Logistics Business, leaders and representatives from Changjiang Ship Design Institute, Guangzhou CCS Approval Center, Wuhan Nanhua Industry, Dalian Guohong, and etc, attended the meeting.
            During the meeting, the designer Changjiang Ship Design Institute presented attendants a detail introduction of the proposed design of the Vessel on the aspects of hull, machinery, and electric. The attendants, basing on the principle of practicality, economy and energy saving, took the economy design and owner’s particular requirements into consideration and proposed sound advices and opinions after deep communication and detail discussion.
            The 5000m³LPG fully pressurized tanker was one of vessels newly-developed by Wideshine, and was the biggest vessel in capacity in China so far. The successful convening of this meeting would further improve the design scheme for meeting the international market needs and have meaningful significance for the development of Wideshine’s LPG tanker business.
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