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            Shipping & Logistics Business, run by Southwest Maritime Ltd which includes several subsidiaries both in China and Hong Kong, specially covers sea transport of LPG tanker and asphalt tanker, as well as international fleet management.The business history is derived from Group’s overseas shipping companies.
            Since we had our own ships in 1994, we started to build our professional management team and progressively stepped into international market. We managed and operated more than ten multi-purpose cargo ships, general cargo ships as well as contain ships, and accumulated rich experience in shipping management.
            Since 2004, we started to enter into LPG tanker sector, focusing on the business transformation from cargo-ship to special-ship operation. Since 2006, we began our investment in asphalt tankers. Currently, our total carrying capacity is ranked among the tops of the same field.






            Contact Us:

            Address: Room 2315-2316, Citic Plaza, 233 Tianhe Road N, Guangzhou 510620, China

            Tel: 86 – 20 - 38770195 ( Commercial Dept.)

                  86 – 20 - 22645977 ( Marine Dept.)

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