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            Home Business Areas Hunan Logistics
            Hunan Logistics
            The business of Hunan Logistics services, run by Hunan Wideshine Logistics Ltd. and Liuyang SaFe Warehouse & Container Yard Co., Ltd, specializing in providing international freight forwarding agency, TPL total solution and international fireworks logistics services.

            Forwarding agency for import & export cargo  

            We provide a wide range of international freight forwading services—ocean, air, land transportation of import and export cargo, including booking, transit, containers consolidation & devanning, warehousing, forwarding agency for import & export cargo , insurance, inland transport, multi-modal transport, freight payment operation and relevant advisory services. We provide our clients with professional and comprehensive logistics services.

            In addition to our rich experience of more than ten years in international freight forwarding, we have specialized staff and have established an extensive and efficient service network.

            Our Business Partners:
            Maersk, APL, CMA, MSC, ChinaShipping, COSCO, Evergreenn, PIL, etc.

            For further information please contact:

            Address: Room 1621-1622, Centre of City 235 Wuyi Road,Changsha
            Tel:86–731-84495899 / 84466899
            Fax: 86–731-84589650 / 84465818

            Address: Room 2315-2316, Citic Plaza, 233 Tianhe Road N, Guangzhou
            Fax: 86–20-38770196   

            TPL Total Solution
            Wideshine Logistics Guangzhou Operating Center is dedicated to providing pratical solution of enterprises’ supply chains and solution of integrated logistics strategies for large-scale circulation enterprises, suppliers and multinational suppliers.

            Our Services:
            * Create and optimize integrated logistics solutions to minimize logistics cost;
            * Provide effective programs and solutions to solve operation obstacles by applying latest logistics technologies;
            * Assist clients to improve or re –position the present logistics programs to be more competitive;
            * Utilize GPS outfit for close tracking.

            Our business partners:
            HEMPEL- Haihong Coatings Co., Ltd., Jotun COSCO Marine Coatings Co., Ltd, Dongguan Dabao Coatings Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Carpoly Painting Co., Ltd., Akzo Nobel(Panyu), Pearl River Beer, Liby Daily Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Nestle (China), Robust, Hsu Fu Chi International Ltd., Eagle Brand etc.

            For further information please contact:
            Add 1: Room 2315-2316, Citic Plaza, 233 Tianhe Road N, Guangzhou
            Tel: 86 – 20 - 22645980
            Fax: 86 – 20 - 38770196
            Add2: Room 906-908 Jiefeng Building, Taibei Road 209-213, Baiyun District, Guangzhou,
            Tel: 86 – 20 – 87046127
            Fax: 86 – 20 – 87045526

            Add3: Room 306, 1st Building, Annan Garden, Shekou Yanshan Road 20, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
            Tel: 86 – 757 – 26813978
            Fax: 86 – 757 - 26813978

            International Fireworks Logistics Services

            Our fireworks logistics business has been developing towards the trend of specialization. Planned by LiuYang Government, in 2006 we have built up an International Fireworks Logistics Center in Liu Yang which is an international fireworks city. And we are widely recognized as a professional logistics provider of international fireworks by many international fireworks majors.

            Our Service:

            * Storage, reinforcement, handling, and survey service of fireworks cargos;
            Inspection and customs declaration, maritime application and other export documentation, etc.;
            Railway and truck transportation from origin area to each departure ports;
            River and coastal barge transportation of dangerous cargos.
            Door to door transportation and delivery of worldwide.


            Our advantages:

            Safety First: More than 10 years’ logistics experience of dangerous goods such as fireworks; Safety first and customer utmost. Higher Efficiency: As the customs custody yard, the designated inspection & custody yard of Hunan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the designated MSA fireworks supervision and identification yard, we are able to arrange all exports procedures in Liuyang such as inspection, customs, marine affairs and other related procedures, for the good of reducing mesne procedures and improving distribution efficiency. Real-time Tracking: Government authorities are able to carry out real-time monitoring while lessees can be acquainted themselves to the status of cargo warehousing and fireworks encasements with the help of advanced online video and electronic data system. Superior Facilities: We have international fireworks container yard of more than 30,000 sqm, fireworks warehouse of over 20,000 sqm, and around 30 Container Vehicles, etc.


            Our Business partners:

            For further information please contact:
            Address: Sitong Village, Lotus Office, Liuyang City, Hunan
            Tel: 86-731-83600866
            Fax: 96-731-83600865
            Email: safe@wideshine.com.cn
            2007 copyright: Wideshine Enterprises Co. Ltd.
            Tel:+86-(0)20-22647008 Fax:+86-(0)20-38770196 ICP No.;06031367